• Are You a Local Business Owner Who Wants HOT,

    FRESH Leads on Daily Basis

    Without Having to Do Anything?

    We Make YOUR Phone Ring Off the Hook!


    Hi there...Kishor here.... Let me ask you...Can you use more business? Meaning, more incoming leads?

    If yes, We can help.

    we create and manage a platform of highly targeted local websites, media and social media in a range of different industries.

    We professionally market these so that they rank highly in all of the search engines. We then send all of these targeted customers straight to your business.

    These customers are looking for your services. They are ready to buy and they are exclusive leads.

    Here’s how it works for Qualified Businesses.

    SEO Labs tracks all phone calls and emails that you receive through our Internet marketing programs.

    Both parties will agree up front on what is a reasonable number of leads per month to provide your business with a positive ROI.

    A lead is defined as a phone call or a completed email form sent directly to you. An allowance for marketing calls or other ‘non-leads’ will be made.

    We are result driven marketing company and get paid ONLY when we deliver results.

    But in order to get started, we need to make sure you are committed to receiving these leads and that is the reason we require to have contract signed.

    Most importantly, if our campaign fails, we don’t get paid.  Further more, you only get billed for quality leads.

    We only work with one Partner

    One of the most common complaints about lead providers is the sharing of leads. We provide EXCLUSIVE Leads.At SEO Labs, we only work with one partner per industry in each location.

    What is required to get started?

    The first step is to set up a free initial consultation so we can discuss your business goals with you.  Once we have had a chance to learn about your needs, we will provide you with a proposal outlining the partnership between our companies.  Upon agreement, we will customize our proprietary lead generation system to begin sending live phone based leads to your business as soon as the next day.

    What do leads cost?

    Unfortunately, we are not able to provide a fixed cost for all industries.  Each industry we serve is unique and requires their own uniquely designed pricing structure.

    How do you get billed?

    Once per week we run a full report of all calls received to your phone number. 
    You will have an access to that report so you can analyze each call received.

    How do you pay us?

    We prefer getting paid by Paypal.

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