• SEO Media - How can social media affect my website SEO?

    Nowadays, all webmasters and SEO specialists know that search engine optimization and social media marketing are interrelated and have mutually beneficial promotional aspects. SEO serves as the basis of digital marketing, while SMM is designed to gather a targeted audience around a brand. It is worth saying that social media have no direct influence on the website rankings, but that it [...]

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    How does social media influence SEO?

    Are the SEO and social media connected? The influence of Social Media and the way it spreads across the domain of Search Engine Optimization is probably one of the most controversial questions. I mean the mysteries like that: how does social media influence SEO? Do these two concepts work synergetically, not at all or not at all? Here comes a spoiler - the shortest answer is yes, it does. [...]

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    Google PageSpeed Insights

    Google let us know a while ago that the Google PageSpeed ​​Insights tool has been modified so that it now also shows the effective loading time of your pages. A welcome change, because there was a lot of confusion about this. At Google, too, they apparently knew that the tool caused confusion among webmasters and that an adjustment was necessary. At least that is what I derive from the [...]

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