• What is Pay Per Click Advertising?

    PPC is essentially a method of advertising your website on search engine results (in the sponsored result listing) where advertisers bid against each other to be the top search result on particular keywords or keyword phrases.

    Pay Per Click (PPC) is a pricing model that guarantees that your website will appear in list of results for a search queries that have been specified by you. You website’s ranking is determined on the basis of what you pay. The highest bidder gets the highest ranking.

    Google Adwords, Bing and Facebook are the three major Ad Networks.

    We provide you our specialized Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign Management Services for effectively and economically running your advertisements on selected search engines.

    PPC Advantages:

    1. You get instant results. If you advertise your website on pay per click search engines, then you will get traffic now and not several months later.
    2. PPC ads are perfect for time limited offers such as holiday sales.
    3. You can stop PPC ads at any time.
    4. PPC ads make it easy to test different keywords and landing pages.
    5. PPC ads also work with websites that are not very well designed and wouldn't get good search engine rankings.
    6. PPC ads allow you to bid on a large amount of keywords, including misspellings and other keyword variations that you cannot put on your web pages.

    PPC Disadvantages:

    1. PPC advertising can become very expensive if you bid on the wrong keywords or if you don't calculate the maximum bid price correctly.
    2. Click fraud can be a problem. Not all clickers are potential customers.

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