We offer a complete Search Engine Optimization (SEO) solution to our clients. Our SEO Company in Mangalore, India, has experienced SEO professionals providing value based services to companies in India and abroad. We provide link diversity for your website and build links slowly such that it looks natural, our white hat affordable seo services will provide you high ranking for select keywords. We are among the best affordable SEO Company in India. If you are looking for a SEO Company in India, Contact us today

    Each website is unique, so the quote will be different based on competition and goals.

    The details below is our plan for a small website. Eg: Local business website


    a) Keyword Research: Keyword Research is very important and can literally make or break your SEO campaign. Most popular mistake people make is to select one word or two word keywords to rank on. The whole idea of keyword research is to select realistic keywords which can bring in both traffic and sales.We select buyer keywords using Market Samurai Keyword research tool and provide minimum 5 keywords for your website

    b) Title Tag Optimization: Title tag appears at the top bar of your web browser. Based on the keywords in this tag¸ search engines list the site relevant to a search made in their engines. It is one of the important aspects of getting rankings in search engines. Since this title also appears in search engines & result pages¸ appropriate use of keywords in promotional language may result in more click throughs.

    c) Robots.txt Optimization: This file allows you to hide files or directories that you don’t wish the search engine spiders to find. You can let us know which files or folders you do not want spiders to crawl they will be disallowed.

    d) Working on HTML Source code: Apart from Title Tag, there are other sections on your web page which can be optimized. These include, Meta Description tag, Image Alt tag, Adding Header tag for important information on your web page. Sometimes we take out Javascripts and making them external to increase Text to HTML ratio.

    e) Editing Content: Our copywriters will work on modifying existing content based on the keywords being optimized. Keywords will be strategically used within the content based on various keyword densities. We edit 10 pages.

    f) Image and Hyperlink Optimization: We incorporate keywords in Alt text of image tags and title attribute of hyperlinks. This helps to a certain extent in search engine rankings.

    g) Sitemaps and Google Analytics: We will setup sitemaps (Google and Yahoo) and Google analytics for your website.



    Unique quality content that the visitor likes and comes back for more is a good strategy now. Authority sites are given higher ranking on Google

    Content of your site needs to take into consideration the Hummingbird bird update. The content should answer important questions on your service or product. The website should be mobile friendly.

    Google looks at Social signals, likes and shares is good for SEO.

    Link building is important to get your site ranked high on search engines. The latest Google updates require that we get high quality links from related sites. Search engines look for high pr links from authority sites to consider you as a major player in your niche. We work with you to get such links.


    Sources for Links

    Now it is PR + Relevance only, We can get such links so that you dominate the search engines.

    We also create link baits and get viral traffic. Google is not the only source of targeted traffic. We work on facebook fan page as an additional source of traffic and get you real fans.



    a) Local Search Website Optimization (optional)
    b) We provide a current performance report.
    c) We provide a monthly SEO Report.


    We provide white hat SEO which is panda and penguin proof. Our SEO Services are totally safe for all Google updates